Invisalign & Implant Workshop

Warmup Webinars

Session V

2023 July 28 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm ET)

Dr Lu’s workshop warming up webinars are part of his workshop. 

No video replay or posting online allowed.

Session V is free to NDPO members and Dr Lu’s workshop attendees. All other guests are welcome for $25 one time donation to NDPO.

Dr Yong Lu DDS

Session II 2023 June 30 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm ET)

Invisalign/Orthodontics Acceleration Techniques & Alternative

Get teeth move Faster!
Get cases finish Greater !

Session III 2023 July 7 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm ET)

to TAD placement

Session IV 2023 July 14 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm ET)

Introduction to Invisalign Smile Architect
Ortho-restorative Treatment
Planning Software

Session V 2023 July 28 5:30pm PDT (8:30pm ET)

Case Acceptance

How to make a patient consent to three larger treatments (Invisalign + Implant+ Periodontitis) simultaneously?
How to treat the case to achieve great results and fast/efficient?
This patient comes in for an implant. The anteriors are loose and misaligned due to advanced periodontitis.
What will you do? What do I do?

About Dr Yong Lu

Dr. Lu has completed intensive training and gained lots of real case experience in implant dentistry and Invisalign orthodontics. He is an Invisalign Diamond Provider and ITI member for implant provider (Starumann & Hiossen). He completed hundreds cases of multi-discipline treatment with the combination of Invisalign & implant.