About NDPO

The digitalization in the dental industry is very popular in the oral field in these days. One digital group was formed to help and support dentist and practitioners in the community of Chinese in North America. This group was initiated and organized by dozens of dental seniors, professors, doctors, managers of the North American Dental Association, and outstanding entrepreneurs in the dental industry, including Dr. Zhang Jiachang, an excellent Chinese dental doctor from California.

NDPO (North American Dental Partners Organization, www.ndpo.org) and IACD (International Academy of Contemporary Dentistry, www.iacdentistry.org) the two non-profit organizations have been formed to support all dentists and participants to learn, discuss, grow, help each other, and warm each other. The two organizations intend to provide more public welfare activities and protection plans for members of the dental group family and has created a good atmosphere.
The current group benefits are:
1. Provide free real-time video content 48 times a year, that is, once a week, Friday or Sunday night at 5:00 West and 8:00 East. The shared content is mostly about the topics that dentists are most interested in: oral digitization, outpatient management, outpatient legal affairs, outpatient operation, Internet promotion, and life education information needed by some dentists’ families, etc. The sharing guests are from but not limited to dental practitioners who are dentists. In the past, the sharers included well-known American Chinese dentists, Dr. Steven, Dr. Zhang Jiachang, Dr. Wei Xin, Dr. Chen from Chicago, and a professor of stomatology from UCLA. There are also famous dental lawyers, DSO practitioners, managers of digital frontier technology enterprises, outstanding Chinese and so on. Many of them are highly skilled, erudite, and both moral and artistic.

2. In addition to providing technical discussion and technical support of case by case, the group also provides good recommendations from doctors, and organizes value-for-money group purchases of high-tech enterprise products and products commonly used by doctors from time to time. For example, there are low-cost special oral scans and implants; there are also innovative and subversive products, invisible corrections, sensors, etc. Provide you with the most cutting-edge technological product information, so that you can grasp the opportunities for technological innovation and innovation and value-for-money procurement opportunities.

NDPO support a practice environment where dentists have the ability to choose the supporting services which best allows them to focus on patients, expand access to quality dental care and improve the oral health of their communities.

Our mission is to support NDPO members and their teams through education, advocacy and practice; enabling them to foster innovation, collaboration and a vibrant market where dentists can provide quality oral health care to their patients and to those in the underserved communities.