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RCT Hands On

20 Minutes Molar Root Canal

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Root Canal Treatment without hand files


Most doctors can hardly conceive the thought of performing a Molar Root Canal in an hour, much less the Root Canal, Buildup and Crown. Dr Hangjing Jin been practicing dentistry for over 30 years now, and I’ve learned a few things along the way. Such as, what it really takes to perform efficient high quality root canal therapy. A little secret, it’s not all that new stuff the big companies keep telling you that you must do, to do a good job. We’ll look at the research-based information about what it really takes to do the job right and, we’ll get the Buildup and Crown done at the same time. This one day, can get you looking forward to seeing those RTC’s in your schedule and add big bucks here bottom line.


Perform predictable, painless anesthesia for root canal therapy. Identify why single visit Root canal therapy, buildup, and crown is preferable to multiple visits. Understand how rearranging the order of the procedure can increase efficiency and lead to a better clinical outcome. Understand how to systematize all aspects of the procedure. Identify how to predictably and efficiently negotiate molar canals. Avoid unnecessary repeated steps. Learn how using a endo hand piece with an apex location can help save you time See how 3D printing Crown can increase your office production



Hangqing Jin

Talking about his RCT Technology


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Chairside 3D solution lets your practice fly.

Release Pain and Give Your Patients Smile Same Day

Dr. Jin

I have been a dentist in the United States for 17 years. Because of the nature of my work unit, I have done a lot of root canal treatments (2 to 3 patients per day on average).
 Before becoming a dentist, I did a postdoctoral fellowship at the American College of Dentistry for 10 years, specializing in bone healing.
 Based on the above background, I made some breakthrough improvements in root canal treatment. This improvement was fully mature 10 years ago, and I used it to make about 5000 cases.
 1) Due to the simplified steps, the operation is simpler and faster.  10 to 15 cases can be done in 8 hours a day. If there is no serious root canal calcification, it only takes 15 minutes for the anterior teeth and 20 to 30 minutes for the posterior teeth.
 2) Since the motorized needle is used throughout the entire process, there is no need to manually expand the needle at all, the operation process is safer, the doctor is more relaxed, and the patient is more comfortable
 3) Due to the thorough and long-term killing of bacteria around the apical foramen and tighter sealing of the apical foramen, the postoperative pain and discomfort of the patients are greatly reduced. The recurrence rate of nearly 5000 cases is almost 0, because my patients are extremely large.  Most of them are low-income government insurance, and general specialists will not accept them. They will come back if they relapse, so I can follow them up.
 4) Because even in the case of tooth infection, the treatment can be completed at one time, so that the patient does not need to go back and forth many times, which is more convenient and more satisfying.

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More details on Jin's Techniches

Dr. Jin

1) 如何开牙髓腔,即保证不击穿髓底,又尽可能保留牙体组织,以提高自体牙的使用寿命。

2) 完全不用hand file和 rubber dam情况下,如何仅用rotaty file来找根管开口,尤在髓底钙化严重,#2和#15牙目视不到的情况下。如何仅用rotary file建立glide path。

3)在sharping过程中,如何正确,巧妙使用rotary file,以达几乎100%不断file。

4) 根管弯曲严重和/或钙化严重,如何仅用rotary file 扩大到根尖孔。



8)如何迅速处理偶发的perforation, 防止以后因根管治疗失败而引发拔牙。


Release Pain and Give Your Patients Smile Same Day

Chairside 3d Solution lets your practice fly

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