The Origin of the Apricot Grove Dental Brand

Once upon a time, there was a child who knew that his calling in life was to be a doctor. He became skilled in medicine and as a doctor he often managed to bring patients back from the brink of death.

Word of the doctor spread to the emperor and others in power, who asked the doctor to become the royal doctor and treat them exclusively. The doctor did not want to just serve for the rich, so he lived incognito and treated the ordinary people wherever he went. Many patients the doctor saw were poor. The doctor decided not to charge them anything. Instead, the doctor asked each patient to plant one apricot tree after they were cured for mild diseases, or five if their diseases were severe and they were cured. As a result, no matter which area he stayed, it was be covered with tens of thousands of apricot trees, as a result of his practices.

People did not know the doctors’ name, but they came from all over to see him. The doctor became a local legend, and they said if you saw apricot trees you would find the doctor nearby. Over time, the apricot grove became a synonym for a doctor’s excellent ethics and skills.

Our dental clinic strives to be this kind of clinic. We are committed to providing patients with the best dental solutions at the lowest possible cost so all of us can have a full mouth of healthy teeth during their lifetime.